Handlet™ – SD-Card Removal

Handlet™ – SD-Card Removal

Please, see the Simplest Scenario how to get started with Handlet™

SD-card can be removed from Handlet™ without opening the Case Cover. Please, use the dedicated Anti-Theft Tool to accomplish this task. Remember to shutdown the Handlet™ before removing the SD-card.

Please, check also our Shop for Anti-Theft Tools, either physical pieces or 3D-models. With 3D-models it’s possible to 3D-print the Anti-Theft Tool yourself.

Removing the SD-Card

Use Anti-Theft Tool to remove the SD-card from Handlet™ after shutdown
Place the Anti-Theft Tool on top of SD-card and pull
SD-card removed, now you can replace the SD-card or do some maintenance work on it

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