Handlet™ – Supported Screen Sizes

Handlet™ – Supported Screen Sizes

Basically all 5″ screens designed for Raspberry Pi will fit to Handlet™ Case Cover as long as the screen has the DSI connector and is not the one with the HDMI connector. The one with the DSI connector is anyway more power-efficient and requires less room to get installed. There are also screens with or without touch support. You can decide yourself whether you get the screen with touch support or not.

The dimensions of Handlet™ screen area

Official Handlet™ Screen

Handlet™ is officially shipped with Waveshare 5″ Capacitive Touch Display for Raspberry Pi with DSI Interface (800×480). The screen is very sharp, shows colors naturally, includes toughened glass, has 5-points touch support and as a driver free solution works out of the box. It has also adjustable brightness via software so no physical knobs are needed. More information can be found from this link.

The dimensions of official Handlet™ screen

Other Screens

Also the official Adafruit 5.0″ 40-pin TFT Display (800×480) with and without touch support should fit to the Handlet™. The dimensions are 121mm x 76mm and 120mm x 75mm so according to the specifications there should be no problems. In addition DFRobot has DSI display and comes with a capacitive touch panel on its screen with 5-touch points support. The dimensions are 121mm × 76mm and should also fit without any issues. The choice is yours!