Handlet™ – SD-Card Setup

Handlet™ – SD-Card Setup

Please, see the Simplest Scenario how to get started with Handlet™

The easiest way to setup SD-card is to download the Official Handlet™ SD-card image and flash the SD-card using balenaEtcher. The image is based on Raspberry Pi OS. Other option is to prepare the SD-card using Raspberry Pi Imager as mentioned in the Simplest Scenario. The latter option requires installing software manually as described in the Handlet™ – With Battery.

Setting up the SD-Card

Please, download the balenaEtcher and the Official Handlet™ SD-card image first before continuing to the next steps. SD-card with 16GB minimum is required but 32GB, 64GB or even 128GB is recommended. It all depends how much space is needed, pick your choice!

Start the balenaEtcher SD-card imager tool
Select the downloaded image, SD-card as target and select Flash!
Install now the SD-card with official image to Handlet™

Congrats! You have now setup the SD-card and it’s possible to boot the Handlet™ without worrying what software needs to be installed!

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